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New Delhi: The Burmese exiles living in India and their sympathizers have strongly protested against the military relationship of News Delhi with the semi-military Burmese government at Nay Pyi Daw.

Expressing resentment at India government�s recent arm supply to Burmese regime, the pro-democracy activists and also various Indian civil society groups lodged protest in New Delhi on July 22, 2011 and argue that supplying arms and ammunition to the most brutal military dictatorship may have grave consequences to millions of innocent lives.

It may be mentioned that Indian government had recently supplied 52 military trucks load of arms and ammunition to the Nay Pyi Daw, which is identified as the world most notorious military regime.

�It is hurting and awful that Government of India has breached its democratic principles by supplying arms and ammunitions to the Burmese military rulers, who will use those against the pro-democracy activities and ethnic minorities. The innocent citizens of Burma who have been yearning for justice, peace and democracy for many decades, will only be victims of such development,� said M Kim, a young Burmese exile living in India.

�Systematic human rights abuses and criminal hostilities against the ethnic groups, political activists, journalists and civilians have been committed without a halt by Burma�s Army even after the installation of so-called civilian type government. It is a fact that over 2,200 political prisoners in Burma are still detained in jails,� he added.

The demonstrators also sent a memorandum to Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh urging him to support the Burmese people�s movement for restoration of peace and democracy in Burma rather than the military controlled regime there.

�We believe that India is a nation founded on sound democratic principles and time and again India has proven to uphold the principles of constitutionally elected governments. Further as a nation committed to playing an important, if not pivotal role in maintaining peace in the region, it is unbecoming of a responsible nation to supply arms to countries known for abusing military power, � said in the memorandum.

It also added, �As witnessed by the United Nations and the International community, democracy and human rights activists in Burma have been imprisoned, intimidated, tortured and many of them are put to death for demanding justice, peace, human rights. So it is beyond question that the Burma military dictatorship would use those arms and ammunitions against the ethnic minority and to assault its own innocent citizens who are struggling for democracy for decades.�
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