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() A political Analysis (Series 1)
() AFPFA (Series 2)
() Bo Gree Kra Hla Aung (Series 3)
() The Third Dimension of 8-8-88 ( Series 4)
() The Strategies and Tactics After 8-8-88 (Series 5)
() The Struggle of Hidden Colony and Globalization (Series 6)
() The Prisoner of Mandalay and Democracy Part I (Series 7)
() The Prisoner of Mandalay and Democracy Part II (Series 8)
() The People's Republic of Arakan and Her Concept I (Series 9)
() The People's Republic of Arakan and Her Concept II (Series 10)
() The Arakan Republic and Decolonization of Burma (Series 11)
() An Outlet of the Arakanese Rule in Southeast Bengal During
16th and 17th Century AD

() Buddhist Kings with Muslim Title
() Rock Art and Artisans in Lemro Valley, Arakan
() Literature on the Mrauk-U Period in Arakanese History
() The Remote Mysteries of Mraunk-U
() Thesis on Arakan Chapter 1
() Thesis on Arakan Chapter 2
() Thesis on Arakan Chapter 3
() Thesis on Arakan Chapter 4
() Thesis on Arakan Chapter 5
() Arakan (Fochhammer 1891)
() Ancient Arakan (Gutman, Pamela)
() Crisis and Reformation in the Kingdom of Arakan
() Dom Martin By Maurice Collis and San Shwe Bu
() Changes in Spirits Cults in Arakan
() Arakan, Morn RaZaGree and Portuguese
() Arakan Eighty Years Ago
() A Study of Arakan’s Subjection in Nineteenth-Century
() Arakan King's Letter to Dutch King
() Rakhaing New Historical Journal
() Vaishali and the Indianization of Arakan
() A Dicussion of Muslim Influence in Mrauk_U Period(Dr.Jacques)
() Rediscovering Arakan (Dr.Jacques)
() The Land of Historic Finds by U Shwe Zan
() History of Mahamuni Image
() The Story of Mahamuni
() Mahamuni Tradition
() The Land of Great Image (Maurice Collis)
() Arakan - A Promised Land
() History of Arakan
() Arakan: Past, Present and Future (John Ogilvy Hay)
() Arakan and First Anglo Burmese War
() Interpretations of Burmese World Part I
() The Serpent and The King
() The Rise and The Fall of Arakan Kingdom
() A Buddhist Land of Rakhaing
() How Mrauk-U was translated into Monkey's egg
() The Forgotten Cities of Arakan
() Marma (The Arakanese)
() Ancient Arakan
() Old Arakan (U San Shwe Bu)
() ရခိုင္သမိုင္း နန္႔ သံသယမ်ား (ဥဴးရြီစံ)
() Notes on Arakan
() PhD. Thesis on Arakan
() Stephans's Thesis on Arakan
() Arkanese Poem of 16th Century
() Arakan
() Arakanese Proverbs in Comparison with their counterparts in Burmese
() Arakan
() Buddhist Art of Ancient Arakan
() So-called Rohingya and Rakhaing
() Influx Virus (1)
() Illegal Migration into Assam from Bangladesh
() Illegal Kular Problem in Arakan
() On the Evolution of Rohingya problem in Rakhine State of Burma I
() My Views on Rohingya
() AlQaeda
() False Rohingya History
() Toward Understanding Rohingya
() On the Evolution of Rohingya Problem in Arakan State
() The Developement of Muslim Enclavement
() Rohingya And Migrated People in Arakan
() Response to Muslim Press Release the Rohingyas
() (Mis)Interpretation of Burmese Words Kula
() Identities of The Rakhaing Community (Maung Than Aye)
() Interview with guest Editor Stephan Van Galen
() Political Success of a Buddhist Boarder States (Dr.Jucques)
() The Rohingyas, Who are they?
() Burmese Responses to Indian Immigration 1
() Burmese Responses to Indian Immigration 2
() An Historian Looks at Rohingya (Dr.Aye Kyaw)
() Background of Rohingya Problem (Kyaw Zan Tha,MA)
() Burma or Myanmar
() Northern Arakan District by GRANT BROWN
() Arakanization
 () Arakan Shwe Gas
() Arakanese Nationalism and the Struggle for National self- determination(An overview of Arakanese political history up to 1988)
() Voices from Inside (Ethnics speak)
() The Burma We Love (Dr.Aye Kyaw)
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