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                                 Rakhine wrestling called Rakhinejun    
            Rakhine wrestling is one of the traditional sports in Rakhine state. Rakhine people call it Jun. The meaning of Jun is spinning and efficiency. Two athletes are needed in competing Rakhine wrestling. One is called catcher and another is called receiver. The catchers have to catch their opponents stretching their arms and the receivers have to receive their opponents contracting their arms. The catchers have to try to fall their opponents on the ground, but the receivers have to try to escape from their opponents. The mean purpose of this sport in to fall the opponents onto the ground by force and technique, but it doesn’t intend the opponents to pain and die. The wrestlers must be masculine and strong.
          Quickness, mindfulness, stamina and wits are the main necessary skills to compete Rakhine wrestling. There are rules and regulations the wrestlers are to obey in the wrestling competition. The wrestlers from Tawphyarchaung region in Ponnagyun township and the wrestlers from yanpyay township, are skillful in wrestling. Rakhine wrestling is the sport which force and insight have to be used together. Thus, the wrestlers need not only jun techniques but also the body strength. Therefore, all wrestlers are strong and healthy.
          We can say the Rakhine wrestling is the systematic deep-smooth national sport. Nowadays, the world famous fighting sports such as boxing, karate do, judo and martial art are strong fighting sports, but Rakhine wrestling is not strong like those sports. It is only the mild fighting sport because punching and kicking the upper portion of the knee, are not allowed in Rakhine wrestling. It is not as dangerous as boxing, judo and karatedo.
          Rakhine wrestling gives not only the body strength of the individual but also the individual ability, effort and bravery. Rakhine wrestling makes the wrestlers develop that even though he is individual, he con pass over any difficulties patiently and he dares to challenge anything determinedly and he can do the force needed jobs actively and adventurously with firm commitment.
          Rakhine wrestling competitions are held in the religious festivals, especially, in the periods of the holiday. In conclusion, Rakhine people are proud of this sport as a national sport.
 by Htay Win
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