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An officer and a private of the Burmese Border Security Force (Nasaka) were killed by local Muslim villagers in Rathedaung Township on the Burma-Bangladesh border on the 1st of November.

A local villager said the murdered personnel are from the force based in Angumaw in southeastern Rathedaung Township.

“They are from Angumaw Nasaka Station and were killed on Tuesday in Krakrokonetan Muslim village situated near to Laungchaung Village, but I do not know why they had gone to that village nor why they were killed there”, said the villager.

Three Nasaka personnel entered into the village, but only two were killed as one escaped. “They were said to have been killed by the villagers. I am a motorcycle driver and when I went there to drop off some passengers, I found many Nasaka personnel were investigating the matter at the village”, said the villager.

He said that he found only women, children and old people left in the village and that all the men, including the killers, seemed to have fled from the village in fear of arrest.

The police station from Long Chaung village in the area also confirmed the incident, but declined to give any further details.

It is also learnt that hundreds of Nasaka forces have been blocking all the jungle ways through to the border to prevent the killers running away to a neighboring country.

Nasaka sent the bodies of the deceased personnel to the main town of Rathedaung on the 2nd of November and arrested some of the villagers from the village.
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