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375 passengers have been rescued from a ferry ship in Arakan that collided with a rock mass in the water by the shore of Nondaw River in Kyauk Pru Township, said an official and local residents.

Passengers Rescued from Wrecked Ferry Ship
A woman at the office of inland water cooperation in Sittwe told Narinjara over the phone about the incident and reported that all passengers were rescued without injury from the accident.

"Local fishing and navy boats based in Kyauk Pru rescued them without any injuries and they are now safely arriving in Kyauk Pru. Another ferry ship was sent to the area to take them to their destination yesterday," she said.

The ferry ship, Aung Ta Kun No. 2, departed for Taungup, a town in southern Arakan, from Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State, at 6 pm on 21 November. When the ship reached the Nondaw River at 4:30 am, it collided with a massive rock in the water.

"The passengers are staying at some monasteries and schools in Kyauk Pru after being rescued from the ship. Local authorities and residents provided food and drinking water," said a resident in Kyauk Pru.

Among the passengers are 100 eye patients from Mray Bon - an area hit by Cyclone Giri in 2010 - who were traveling to receive free treatment at an eye camp in Kyauk Pru that are sponsored by prominent Arakanese Monk U Inda Pala and U Zay Yar Myo Min, a well-known wealthy man.

"About 100 passengers rescued from the ship are eye patients coming to Kyauk Pru to have operations on their eyes at the free eye camp that is open from 20 to 25 November. All eye patients have been cured at the camp," said the resident.

According to local sources, the ship collided with the rock due to a careless mistake by the ship pilot, who had allegedly been drinking, but it has not been possible to confirm this rumor.

The stomas of the ship broke in the crash and it has run aground on a broad shoal by the seaside of Nondaw River in Kyauk Pru.
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