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Tun Tun
Kyauk Pru: An old mud volcano erupted in Arakan State on 26 November, destroying a few acres of paddy farms with lava, said local residents.

 Mud-Volcano-Erupts-in-Arakan Photo: WeeklyEleven
The volcano is located nearby Bawraba Village, one mile from Kyauk Pru, the largest city in Arakan.

"The volcano erupted between 7 am and 5 pm on the day. Within that time, the molten lava spewed from the mouth of the volcano up to 20 feet into the sky for a few minutes in the morning, and again spewed lava up to ten feet in the air in the evening," a villager from Bawrabar said.

Villagers in the area fled their homes and huts during the eruption.

"Villagers nearby the volcano managed to avoid harm because there was a loud and horrible sound from the volcano when it blew lava," he said.

After the lava erupted, the area surrounding the volcano was inundated with mud that came from the volcano. Because of this some paddy farms were damaged by mud and lava.

This is the second time the volcano has erupted. In 1990, it erupted and destroyed 20 acres of paddy farms with molten lava.

 Mud-Volcano-Erupts-in-ArakanPhoto: WeeklyEleven
On the island of Rambree where the city of Kyauk Pru is located there are many mud volcanos, although most are considered extinct.

In 2008, a mud volcano located at Sai Krun Village in Kyauk Pru Township erupted and spewed lava 100 feet into the sky with flames coming from the mouth of the volcano.
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