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Maungdaw: Two Arakanese villagers from Maungdaw Township in western Burma’s Arakan State have been hospitalized after they were attacked by a group of Muslims outside their village nearly a week ago, said local and a police report.

Maungdaw gate

The victims are identified as U Aung Kyaw Hla (54), son of U Chin Ree, and U Ah Ni Maung (42), son of U Thein Tun. Both of them are residents of Kinchaung Village in Maungdaw Township.

“The two of them are now undergoing emergency medical treatment in the hospital as they had sustained serious injuries from the recent violent attacks by a group of Bengali Muslims”, said a relative of the victims.

The relative said the incident happened after four Muslim men came to their village under the guise of buying bulls from the villagers.

“The incident happened around 12 pm on 30th April. Just before the attack on them, four  Muslim men came into our village. When they were asked, they told us that they were from Gawduthara Village and had come to buy some bulls from our village. As we had no bulls to sell to them and suspected them on account of their appearance and character, we told them to go away from our village. As we still felt unsafe with those men, we sent two of our men to follow and ensure if they really went away. But those men and others armed with rods and machetes were waiting just outside the village and beat and hacked them. That’s why they sustained such serious injuries”, he said.

He said the assailants ran away from the village after the authorities came to the village.

“No assailant was found in the village and it is learnt that they have already fled to Bangladesh. The Muslim usually have done this after committing crimes here. The authorities are still looking for them, but no one has been caught yet”, he added.

When Narinjara contacted the Maungdaw hospital they said the victims are still in the hospital and their situation is improving.

The police station in Maungdaw also confirmed the incident and said they are still looking for the assailants.
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