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Bengali terrorists burnt down 17 villages in Maung Taw, Rakhine state of Myanmar.

It was based on the issue where three Bengalis raped and inhumanely killed[my] a Rakhine girl on 28th May, 2012. 5 days later, 8 Muslims were killed[my] in a bus attack by vigilantes. Such disputes led to be hot issues among netizens online. Some were frustrated, some warned to prevent religious disputes and others stay quiet. Most of the public pointed out the Bengali immigrants that has been threatening the local Rakhines.

For the moment on 8th June, 2012, unconfirmed reports said[my] 100 of innocent Rakhine were killed  and many injured[violent graphics] and villages were put on fire. Terrorists were believed to prepare for this systematically. Locals mentioned that once they finished Friday service in mosque, a crowd of hundreds Bengalis put the villages on fire. Local Rakhines had to leave the houses and gather at the Buddhist monasteries.

 Photo Credit : Ko Phyoe L’Etranger

Myanmar Government sent armed forces to settle the vigilantes’ actions but according to Netizens, the situation is not still under control. About 5 hours later, government announced martial law in Maung Taw with immediate effect.

 Photo Credit : Ko Aung

Netizens expressed their anger to Bengali immigrants who claimed themselves as Rohingyas and corruption among immigration officers. 88 Generation Leaders* announced[my] that Rohingya has never been and will never be an ethnic of Myanmar and agreed to cooperate with army and the government to protect innocent Rakhine people.

To hear more genuine voices from netizens, use #Rakhine & #Rohingya on Twitter.

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*Biggest revolution protest in Myanmar during 1988 were lead by 88 Generation leaders.
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