You Are Here: Home - epigram , NEWS , NEWS OF ARAKAN - 3 motorboats from Bangladesh with arms found in Myanmar Sea, 2 escaped

photo-D-Nwe Oo
photo-D-Nwe Oo
15 Jul 2012, Maungdaw _ As 3 suspicious motorboats approached beach near the village of Taung Ywar, the patrol unit of Maungdaw police force pursued them. When the police patrol unit failed to pursue them, the Myanmar’s navy came in and managed to arrest one of these three motorboats. Upon interrogating the crews of that motorboat, 8 Bangladesh citizens were arrested with M-16 guns. In the shootout upon pursuing, 3 Bangladeshi got injuries at heads and thus was sent to Sittwe General Hospital while the rest were sent to Sittwe jail at 4:30pm this evening.
This is 7 Day News journalist who just interviewed an officer from No (1) Sittwe Police Station.
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