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I ‘m the one who value all human beings and adopt that all humans have equal value without discriminating who’s religion like Buddhism (or) Muslim (or) Christian (or ) who he ( or ) She is. Yes, this is what my perception of human values.
Now, please go to my point that what I have to request to the International Communities is………,
As you all have been known about the recent violence in Rakhine State of Myanmar, to know the reality, first , let’s start to know the meaning of the name of “ Arakan or Rakhine “. The name Rakhine was originated from Pali word Rakhapura meaning the land of the people of Rakshasa (Rakshasa > Rakha > Rakhine) who were titled this name in honor of preservation on their national heritage (describe in Myanmar language is a myo) and morality (describe this in Pali is sila ) . The pali word Sila means Morality. Wholesome moral living is an important ingredient for the practice of purifying mind. The word Rakhine means "one who maintains his own race." So, the Rakhine are predominantly Theravada Buddhists.
Well, until you reach this point, do you still want to argue that ones who are not Buddhism can be entitled to Rakhine Ethnic Group?
Now, let’s try to see the real factors which are related to the recent violence in Rakhine state of Myanmar. In 2010, RNU ( Rohingya National Union ) was formed in Tajikistan which is under the leading of the Organization of the Islamic Conference ( OIC ). Their basic strategy is to separate Butheetaung, Mawdaw and Rathaetaungs townships from the main land of Rakhine state and to build the Islamic Rohingya State. After that, they confiscate the whole Rakhine state and then to build the new Rohingya country.
The rich arab countries, some populous Muslim countries, Afghan Mujahideen and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups were stimulating and supporting the whole period those Rohingyas to fight and invade the Rakhine state. At the same time, Rohingyas who are taking our previous military government’s bad reputation as their opportunity, and then, fabricating a lot of Rohingya stories and showing those to the international community under the name of human rights. On the other hand, in our country, we have been fighting Democracy for more than two decades and so nobody gave attention to this issue while a large amount of Rohingyas were entering freely and illegally into our land because of the corruption of some immigrant servants. Then, Rohingyas and its Rohingya supporting communities which are formed under the name NGOs, some Myanmar political exiles and famous medias who got great support from Rohingyas gathered and started to make systematic plan to fight our Rakhine people.
So, Rohingyas are trying to invade the others’ own land and pushing this for human rights while Myanmar Military Government was getting more and more attention of the International Communities. So, in front of the International space, Rohingyas who got a great chance to fight Rakhine people by taking the previous military government’s bad reputation. Here, anybody who want to argue that Rohingyas who got the greatest benefit in this way is correct or not ?So, now, I want to point out the thing is that we are not fighting the Rohingyas, but Rohingyas are fighting our Rakhine People and trying to invade our country and threatening the our country’s sovereignty. Please be clear that invasion is totally different from the human rights. And, this conflict is not between the Muslim communities and our country but the Rohingya invaders and us. Because, some are creating this conflict to have misunderstanding among the Muslim communities. Ok, to be clear more about this, let me share the clear announcement of U Mya Aye who is one of the most famous 88 generation students. He is also Muslim religion and his daughter “Ma Wai Hin Pwint Thon ” who had to take part very actively and closely at the Rohingya Organization while his father U Mya Aye was keeping under jail as political prisoner. But, after his release from prison, U Mya Aye stopped his daughter’s activities for the Rohingya Organization and explained the reality was that Rohingyas are never included in Myanmar Ethnic Groups. So, I request to the International Communities to see the reality and the root of the problem of this issue. Please think deeply about that our Rakhine people have no good reason to set fire on our own houses and destroy our own land while we are trying to build Democracy. In fact , NGOs in Rakhine state are secretly connecting with the some terrorist groups like Al- Qaeda and RSO is unacceptable manner for us. Because, some local employees of the NGOs were arrested by the authorities with a lot of illegal documents and weapons which are planned to fight our Rakhine people. So, I request the International community to lead those NGOs’ unacceptable harassment and strongly supporting Rohingya community to fight us. Now, I hope that International Communities can see the reality and how our Rakhine people are getting into trouble by those Rohingyas. Please understand that we love our culture, our custom, our tradition, our people and our land is just like as you love your culture, your custom, your tradition, your people and your nation.
So, please don’t be doubt that the ones who love its own land. Yes , we love our land. We love our crescent land.
I invite you to feel my poem. We love the Crescent Land
The Crescent Land….,Which is beside the bay of Bengal,It has been used to the songs of sea waves.
It is not only our ancestors’ house,But also our ancestors’ history.
It is not only the territory of our Rakhine People who preserve their heritage and morality,
But also breathing freely and honestly at the condition of who we really are.
Danyawaddy, Waitharli, Laymro and Mrauk Oo eras
Which are not only to say frankly about the right chronicle of our being,
But also the real figurehead of our existence.
After Buddha arrival to ThayLarGiri KyaukTaw mountain in Rakhine Region,
We have been delighting the Buddha’s sermon since the very beginning of the time.
And, we ‘re such noble and pious person who believe our Buddha is saying that
“ As much as Orchids are flourishing everywhere in Arakan , so do pagodas.
We are not only to share our foods and land with our greatest sympathy to the ones (who are very
different from our culture, custom and religion ) who have been entering our land freely and illegally,
But, we also give freedom of religion to everyone and this is our honorable contribution and donation
to society.
Our loyalty and our concentration is to identify with our own existence,
We who love our land, our water and our customs affectionately is
Just the right to our freedom
Yes, it is ……….
Under this root of freedom,
We cherish them all the levels of everything of our activities…..
We love our aromatic “ Rakhine Mont D “ which is cooked with the most delicious roasted fish like golden pike conger
We love our traditional “ Aubergine Curry “ into a little bit burnt which is cooked with the simple shrimp paste
We love and enjoy our delicious and fragrant “ Pounded Ngapi “ which is made with the roasted shrimp paste and chili
We love the most beautiful sunset scene of our Aurittaw Pagoda and Gisapanadi River
We love the most beautiful dawn scene of our Laymro River when it’s covered with icy snows
We love our Rakhine traditional “ Ra Hta Sway Pwe (Tug-of- war ) which is held in the month of Dapodwe (Jan-Feb)
We love our honorable customs like “ sandal- wood grinding ceremony and offering of water to wash Buddha images on the eve of every Water Festival
We love our Rakhine traditional water festival where those smiling girls and boys who are playing water happily beside the wooden boat under the
most decorated pandal with hanging Gum-Kino Flowers
We love our pitiful and hopeless people who are lying on the Natural Gas Pipeline but eating under the light of traditional oil lamps
We love our sorrowful people who are full of fear under insecure condition of their own home land
We love our battered people who’s dignity and conditions are going to away because of the governance of the previous leaders’ perpetual corruption and selfish deeds
We love our honorable and grateful people who dare to give their lives at the entrance of the western gate of our Country without losing their ethic to protect us
We love our people who are suppressed, criticized and hidden from the reality under the negligence of those people
who are proclaiming human rights very loudly but at the same time breaking it themselves
We love all of our most admirable things not to lose our grip
We love you with all our heart
We love you “ The Crescent Land “
We love your sacrifice and further spiritual sacrifice for our land
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